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dselect thru SOCKS4 firewall

I have not found a way to use dselect through a socks 4.2beta server.
Can anyone help me get it working?

I do have dftp_3.2-1 working through the firewall.  If I cannot get
dselect to work directly is it possible to:
  use dftp to get the new Packages files
  use dselect to choose which packages to upgrade/install
  use dftp to download and install selected packages.

To get dftp to work I had to install unstable software to my 1.3.1
I also installed:
There are a few other packages these are dependent on too but they
are obviated by the dpkg command.

Additionally I had to:
  set up /etc/socks.conf
  set the SOCKS_NS and SOCKS_SERVER environment variables
  and make a symbolic link from ftp to rftp

It is quite nice to have dftp working so updating currently installed
packages is easy.  I would still like to have dselect working so
installing new packages can be easy.


Stephen Serafin

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