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Re: dselect thru SOCKS4 firewall

Stephen P. Serafin wrote:
> I have not found a way to use dselect through a socks 4.2beta server.
> Can anyone help me get it working?
> I do have dftp_3.2-1 working through the firewall.  If I cannot get
> dselect to work directly is it possible to:
>   use dftp to get the new Packages files
>   use dselect to choose which packages to upgrade/install
>   use dftp to download and install selected packages.
> To get dftp to work I had to install unstable software to my 1.3.1
> installation:
>   libsocks4_4.3.beta2-3
>   socks-clients_4.3.beta2-3
>   dftp_3.2-1
> I also installed:
>   dpkg_1.4.0.19
>   dpkg-ftp_1.4.0.19
> There are a few other packages these are dependent on too but they
> are obviated by the dpkg command.
> Additionally I had to:
>   set up /etc/socks.conf
>   set the SOCKS_NS and SOCKS_SERVER environment variables
>   and make a symbolic link from ftp to rftp
> It is quite nice to have dftp working so updating currently installed
> packages is easy.  I would still like to have dselect working so
> installing new packages can be easy.

As you know, using the 'runsocks' script is supposed to enable
any application to run using socks. I never was able to get this running
with socks4 though. You can, however, use the socks5 package. The
socks5 libraries are quite able to interact with a socks4 server so
you don't need to change the server. You'll have to download the
socks5 source from NEC and compile it. Then just set up your config
files and everything should work. If you need any help getting
this set up you can ask me. Once everything is compiled, installed
and configured you should be able to use 'runsocks dselect'. Make
sure that when you choose the ftp method that 'passive mode' is 

Jens B. Jorgensen

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