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Re: I need help, part 2.

Pierre DUPUIS <pdupuis@nordnet.fr> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> Here is my situation :
> I have a working X server. I haven't got xtoolplaces, i have dl
> Ne3.04Gold for Linux Os..

> I want't to conect myself on the internet
> I don't know how to do.
> Simple situation, simple question !
> Simple aswer ?
Let's assume you have a modem not a LAN connection or ISDN.

Get xisp from and try it out.

If you have problems, come back and give us as much info as possible
(e.g. if you have a terminal login or PAP-Authentication and so on). 
Add debug to /etc/options.xisp and give us the lines from /var/log/ppp.log
and /var/log/messages


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