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Re: pppd -- Sorry - this system lacks PPP kernel support

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, Robert D. Hilliard wrote:

: Greg Cox <glcox@usmo.com> wrote:
: >
: > Ok, now it says "System Lacks PPP Kernel Support.
: Hi Greg!
: Make sure that /dev/modem is a link to ttyS1, and not ttys1.
:                                           ^              ^
: Whatever ttys1 is, if it is pointed to by /dev/modem, or if it is
: mentioned directly in /etc/ppp/options, pppd will give the message:
:   Sorry - this system lacks PPP kernel support
: This sounds like a bug to me.  Does anyone here understand why pppd
: would give such a deceptive error message?

Sure.  It's not deceptive, it's just not very clear :)  When you try to
use the PPP line discipline on /dev/ttys1, which is a console, it does
not work.  Why?  Because the kernel does not understand how to make a
console use PPP (there is no kernel support for PPP _on_that_device_).
The kernel _does_ know about PPP on serial ports [1], and /dev/ttyS1
refers to a serial port ...

[1] Assuming, of course, that you've got a kernel with PPP support, or
have loaded the PPP module, etc.

: Kirk Hilliard
: (using my Dad's account since ghoti.com is still down)

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