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Network Card Problems

I seem to be having trouble getting my computer to regocnize my network
card. I have an SMC-Ultra (jumper on card set to soft configuration) which
in setup at first does not initialize, but afterwards setup tells me that it
installed the driver successfully. WHen I boot up, it gives me the messages: 
                       SIOCSIFADDR: No Such Device
                       SIOCSIFNETMASK: No Such Device
                       SIOCSIFDADDR: No Such Device
                       SIOCADDRT: Network is Unreachable

I configured the network in setup also, however, I have no netmask or
broadcast address. Should I use the values that the setup program gives me
or should I put Is there anything else I can try? I know it's not
the hardware or the IP address becasue it works fine in my other computer.

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