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Network card mysteriously quits working


I am running Debian 1.3.1 on a 200 MHz pentium system with 3Com's Fast
Etherlink XL PCI networking card.  I am running the latest vortex driver for
the network interface.  It has been running great for quite a while.  All of
a sudden while running remote shells to other systems, the system refused to
make new connections over the network.  After rebooting, it completely
refuses to connect to anyone.  I used the DOS configuration program that
came with it to check the board.  The test came back okay.

Looking at ifconfig, all the values are correct except for the link
encapsulation.  Ifconfig thinks it is connected to a 10Base-T network while
it is in actuallity connected to a 100Base-TX network.  The RX counter still
increases without errors, but the system can not communicate over the

The really strange thing is that while booting the 3C90X driver says that it
is 100Base-TX network with the correct IRQ and base address.

Does anyone have an idea what could have happened and how to fix it?

Thank you for your time and attention.

Richard A. Guay
Network Administrator
ASIC International Inc.

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