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Re: modem problems

In article <34AE7DDA.C7705241@is2.dal.ca>,
Dennis Drapeau <ddrapeau@is2.dal.ca> wrote:
>/dev/ttyS0  at 0x03f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A
>/dev/ttyS3  at 0x02e8 (irq = 3) is a 16550A
>Seems ok to me, but I cannot dial out from port /dev/ttyS3.    The group
>on /dev/ttyS3 is dialout.

What do you mean with "cannot dialout" ?

>When I checked /proc/interrupts ,  there is no assignment for IRQ 3 .  I
>have no idea what to do next .

That's right, the IRQ is only allocated when the port is in use. Multiple
ports can use the same IRQ, only not at the same time (with ISA that is).

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