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Re: WordProcessor + SoundCard + ZIP & PRINTING

On Fri, Jan 02, 1998 at 02:58:24PM -0700, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> MV Jazz (ProSonic)
> ------------------
> The Jazz16 driver is just a hack made to the SB Pro driver. However it works
> fairly well. You have to enable SB, SB Pro (_not_ SB16) and MPU401 supports
> when configuring the driver. The configuration program asks later if you
> want support for MV Jazz16 based cards (after asking SB base address).
> Answer 'y' here and the driver asks the second (16 bit) DMA channel.

This sort of thing is a good reason to buy OSS/Linux (hi George!)

OSS/Free is incredibly messy when it comes to some sound cards. Before
I simplified my life by buying an SB16, I used a PAS16, which was messy
because it had the SB as well as the 16 bit PAS section, although it
wasn't too bad. But I had an MPU401 card as well to drive a wavetable
add on board. Then I had a Galaxy card, which was either SBPro
or WSS, more MPU401 complications etc. Whilst in OSS/Linux, you just
had to pick this card and it worked. The Galaxy has some weird soft
configuration stuff too. Even plain old SB16 requires setting
the MPU_IRQ to -1 or something, when menuconfig is working properly.
Frankly the free sound situation is pretty messy, and I'm almost angry.

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