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X11 and mouse


I have bought a Debian Linux before Christmas (a CD-ROM in the "Dream"
magazine) and I would like to have all the X11 features working
properly. So here is a brief description of my problem :

When "startx" is not launched, I can define with "gpm" a mouse on device

 "/dev/mouse". In this case, a pointer appears on the screen and words
can be selected with the
mouse. But when I launch "startx" using for instance "fvwm2" the
environment seems OK, but the pointer of the mouse is strongly attracted

to the lower left corner of the screen! It is completely impossible to
the pointer of the mouse out of this corner.

In the XF86Config file in the /etc/X11 directory, I have these lines :
Section "Pointer"
   Protocol        "Microsoft"
   Device          "/dev/mouse"
   BaudRate        1200
   Emulate3Timeout 50
   SampleRate      0

What shall I do to correct this ?
Which package should correct this problem ?

My PC use to run properly under W95. I have a 200 MHz Pentium with 32M
RAM, a S3TRIO V64+ Video card with 1M RAM, two hard disks one /dev/hda
for W95 and the
other on /dev/hdc for Debian Linux. The CD-ROM is mounted on /dev/hdd.
The mouse is a microsoft like mouse with 3 buttons.

Sincerely yours

157 Bis Av Jean JAURES
mailto : joswald@club-internet.fr

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