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Re: Mail!

On Sun, 28 Dec 1997, Rob S. Wolfram wrote:

> Will Lowe wrote: 
> > If you want a simple,  powerful email/news client,  I recommend pine.
> > It's nonfree because you can't redistribute it for profit,  but works
> > good, and runs really well in an xterm ... I use it because it's what we
> > use at school,  and I can run it without X across a dialup link when I
> > have to.
> IMHO, you haven't seen a goot MUA 'till you've seen Mutt. I'm still 
> running bo but I got this one out of hamm. It supports threading which is
> wonderful for mailing lists and is highly configurable (and it's character
> based, which I like). I could go on and on, but I left pine for what it
> is.
> Personally I prefer reading news with slrn (offline of course).
> Also I would advice the originatoe of this thread to use fetchmail for
> retrieving the mail. It has a simple pro: when fetching mail it just
> forwards it to the SMTP port, so things like procmail can work from your
> .forward file. I use it to put all my mailing list postings in separate
> files.  _Very_ handy...

Is there a handy way to handle multiple mail folders with mutt? In Pine, I
make them 'Incoming mail' folders [1] and then I can use the TAB key to
browse all folders for new messages.


[1] To do this, in the setup menu, check the "enable-incoming-folders" 
option. I haven't found the place to add 'Incoming" folders in the setup
menu, but editing the .pinerc file is very easy. Just change the line


to something like

incoming-folders=Debian.Announce mail/Debian.Announce,
        Debian.Changes mail/Debian.Changes,
        Debian.Policy mail/Debian.Policy,
        Debian.Devel mail/Debian.Devel,
        title.of.mail_folder file_name/of/folder

You don't need to add the file /var/spool/mail/<username> to this list, it
will be the first "incoming" folder automatically.

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