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Re: Two Miceh

Asher Haig writes:
>I've been looking for an answer to this question for a while (it's 
>actually two questions, I suppose). Both questions regard using two mice, 
>one on /dev/psaux (Touchpad on a laptop) and one on /dev/cua0 (Kensington 
>serial mouse).
>The first is with GPM: It appears I can do this with the -M flag, but 
>does anyone know exactly how? I've been trying to make it work and have 
>yet to be able to.

Here you go!

I have a 2btn mouse on /dev/psaux and a keyboard pointer on
/dev/ttyS0(don't use the /dev/cua* devices they are not being used
anymore, especially for non-communication devices) and I use gpm to
control both on the console and act a a repeater(see the gpm man page)
for X.

append="-M -m /dev/ttyS0 -t ms -r 2 -R"

             I think this is not needed(the -M => -R) but it works.

>Second: In X: Is it even possible? I haven't seen anything that says how, 
>but it'd seem like it wouldn't be overly difficult. Or at least it 
>shouldn't be.

Again see the gpm man page on the repeater section.

/etc/X11/XF86Config(Pointer Section)
Section "Pointer"
    Protocol "MouseSystems"
    Device      "/dev/gpmdata"
    Emulate3Timeout    50

Note that you can modify the responsiveness of the individual
mice/pointers/pads with gpm but that only works for the console
pointer.  When using the /dev/gpmdata device gpm does not modify the
inputs. So if one is more responsive than the other you will have to 
live with it or adjust xset to a happy medium for the two in X.

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