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Re: Pros and Cons of various Mail packages.

> Hi, I was wondering if you all could tell me the pros and cons of
> some Mail Packages: I was wondering about: Fetchmail: I want to use
> this to just grab my mail and deliver it to me.  (can it do sorting
> of mail?)  

I am lucky enough to have a shell account on my provider and use
procmail on the ISP to set aside very large emails before fetching
with fetchmail. I haven't set it up for spam filtering yet. I also use
procmail on my Linux pc to split the debian-user-digest into
individual articles and save them in somewhere besides the default

In short, procmail is designed for sorting mail and it
works. Fetchmail works well for me also, and it can be run as a daemon
from ip-up script. And and can do multiple accounts. A+

The only sorting fetchmail can do is limit by size. You can tell it to
not fetch email larger than XXX bytes.

>  Sendmail: I just wonder which is beter sendmail or smail....
> SMail: same as above....  TIA -K --

I use smail becasue it's what Debian wanted. The only issue I have is
that I want email sent from my pc to have my ISP email address as a
retuern address. This is done by configuring the email client
easily. I used smailconfig to configure smail, and I use elm as a
email client. I added a line:

>From "My Name" <myname@my.ISP.email>

to the ~/.elm/elmheaders file. Other email client will do it some
different way.

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