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where is RESEDIT?

>From the "Re: How are .Xdefaults files handled under Debian?" thread:

Jens B. Jorgensen writes:
>Wintermute wrote:
>> If you want to find the resource listing for ANY X program you can use
>> the tool 'resedit' which comes with a normal X install.  Read up on it
>> first though, it's not the most intuitive of programs, but it will
>> enable you to see all of a programs resources, with their full names,
>> and save certain ones to a file of your choice for later inclusion into
>> your .Xdefaults/.Xresources file.
>No, not ANY X program. Only any X program which is based upon the X Toolkit.
>Check out the man page.

Where can I find RESEDIT I searched both the stable and unstable 
Contents files and neither appears to have it.  Any suggestions?

I need it to figure out why Netscape 4.04 is making all my apostrophies
appear as question marks. I figure it must be a font problem.

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