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Re: laser printers and linux

On Thu, Jan 01, 1998 at 08:17:44PM -0800, David Stern wrote:


> Adobe markets PrintGear to the low end: primarily toward windoze and 
> mac, with some mention of os/2, no unix.  One might conjecture that 
> PrintGear competes against Adobe's own PostScript at the low end, that 
> PostScript is marketed more at the high end of the market, and that 
> traditionally unix users are at the high end, so there's probably not 
> much demand for a unix driver for PrintGear in Adobe's marketing 
> department. This doesn't mean a PrintGear driver cannot be written for 
> Linux, but PrintGear is relatively new, so I wouldn't expect to see one 
> anytime soon.

Yep.  Crystal clear.  Time to face the music and take the thing back.
Too bad.  Less than 400$, small, 8 ppm, and (apparently) very good
text and graphics output.  Sigh...

Thanks alot for all the detail.

Gerald Crimp

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