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debian 1.3 on digital hinote ultra 2?


  has anyone had any success installing debian 1.3 on a dec ultra hinote
2 latop?  trying to install w/ the vanilla installation disks left me
without pcmcia access (and hence no ethernet support in my case).  could
it be that the tecra disks should be used for the hinote as well?

  thanks for any help.

p.s. i've noticed that for ibm thinkpads, installation advice often
takes the form of 'try the tecra disks' :-)  is there a list a laptops
available somewhere which lists which laptops work w/ the tecra disks?
also, if there are a variety of laptops that work w/ those disks,
perhaps a name other than 'tecra disks' might be appropriate?  just a
thought :-)

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