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Re: SLRN problem

Pann McCuaig wrote:
> ls: /var/spool/slrnpull/news/agora: Permission denied
> I can view the articles with less. And anytime I run
> 'slrnpull -h hermes.rdrop.com' out of ip-up, if there are _any_
> articles pulled down, I can no longer see a list of newsgroups until I
> run 'slrnpull --expire'. Ideas?

Ah, I think I remember this problem now. What version of slrn are you using?
I notive this in the changelog:

slrn ( unstable; urgency=low

  * Change umask to 022 in ip-up script for slrnpull, reset when done.

I think if you upgrade to this version or higher, your problem will be
fixed. Alternatively, edit /etc/ppp/ip-up, and add umask 022 to it before it
calls slrnpull.

You may need to fix the permissions of the directories it's already made by
hand (or delete them and let it recreate them).

see shy jo

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