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smail, mutt and outgoing From: field

I am rebuilding my Debian/Linux box after moving from 1.1 to 1.3.  
Somewhere along the line between my new system and my correspondents in 
the outside world, my From: mail header is getting altered.  I don't know
what is causing it.  Perhaps the smail in Deb 1.1 is different from 
the one that comes with 1.3.  Maybe it is mutt, my MUA, that I have
upgraded from 0.85 to 0.88 at the same time as I upgrade my system.
Then again, I have maybe missed some detail in a configuration file
somewhere.  It doesn't seem likely to me that fetchmail or procmail
is the culprit.

Here are the parametres to my problem.  I create mail on my home box which 
is occasionally connected to the net via a dial in ppp link to an ISP that
assigns IP addresses dynamically.  The
hostname of my machine, therefore, has no relation to the DNS system on the
net.  I must circumvent the desire of my system to send mail out with my
local userid@mylocalhost'sname.

With my old system, I told mutt to strip off the existing From: field
and add the custom header

		From: <userid_1@isp1.com> "My Name"

In the past this worked marvelously.  With my new system however,
userid1@isp1.com gets quoted as if it were my Real Name 


and My Name gets prepended to my isp's domain and is enclosed in angle
brackets as if it was a valid e-mail address 

		<My Name@isp2.com>

this means that anybody who wants to reply to a mail will get a useless
address brought up automatically.

There are a couple more details that may or may not be useful if anyone is
still reading this.  I actually receive mail at two addresses.  I can fetch
mail from both and use either as my smart host for outgoing mail.  I always
use isp2.com as my smart host.  I wish to use my address at isp1 as my
public address.  My userid's at these two ISP's are different as is my
userid on my home box.  What actually happens to the outgoing from
field depends on whether I use isp1.com or isp2.com as the visible_name in 
the smail/config file.

In the example above, I have used isp2.com as the visible_name.  If I use
isp1.com, the From: field I decare in mutt is still mangled, but 
differently.  My address as I had written it disappears completely. 
The "My Name" part is taken and prepended to isp1's domain name.

		"My Name"@isp1.com

If anyone can tell me where this modification is taking place, and I what
I can do to have my custom From: field preserved, I would very much
like to hear about it.


Gerald Crimp

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