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Re: Partitioning

adrian.bridgett@poboxes.com wrote:

 > It seems that NT probably does the same thing - if you happen to have an
 > OS/2 HPFS partition (id #9), then NT thinks it is an NTFS partition(id #9).
 > If you are unlucky, then this partition will be in such a place that it is
 > assigned drive letter C. NT will then get confused as it can't actually
 > understand what's on C:  God, I *love* mount points - and I *loathe*,
 > *hate*, *despise* drive letters :-)

  Now, now ;-)  Drive letters aren't _that_ bad - MS and IBM just
managed to screw up majorly by using the same partition ID for their
filesystems.  Actually, before DOS 6, MS supported the subst, join and
assign utilities that allowed things similar to mount points (although
_still_ not as powerful).  For reasons unknown to me they removed
support for join and assign in DOS 6 and above, leaving only subst
supported.  I still use that one heavily, though.


Gertjan Klein <gklein@xs4all.nl>
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