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On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, George Bonser wrote:
> I think Hammish posted last night that the names of the options have changed
> with pppd but the options file was not changed.  It is a matter of entering the
> correct option names.  Check posts made by Hammish in the last 24hrs.

> On 15-Dec-97 Alexander Stavitsky wrote:
> > Is there a paritcular reason why pppd distributed with debian doesn't have
> > support for MS chap compiled in?

I was asking why the distributed pppd doesn't support the version of
CHAP(Challenge/Handshake Authentication Protocol) that M$ is using.
In other words why it isn't compiled with -DCHAPMS -DUSE_CRYPT

Also I tried to rebuild the ppp-2.3.2 package and it failed complaining
about parse errors in pppd.h
If somebody can help - I'll post/mail the error messages and other
relevant info.

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