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Re: mke2fs & capacity (where did it go!?)

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, matthew tebbens wrote:

> Here is what 'df' says about the drives:
> Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
> /dev/hdb1             705433  485054   183942     73%   /
> /dev/sda1            4253289  509553  3523648     13%   /var/sda1
> This says I have 4,033,188 to play with plus 220,088 for reserved.
> Now, if I add those together I get 4,253,276.
> This is not even close to the stated formatted capacity of 4.51gigs.

4,253,276 * 1024 = 4,355,354,624.  Getting closer (they usually count a
kilo as 1000 to inflate numbers).  Changing the block size to a large
number will also reduce the formatting info written to the disk,
increasing the avail space, but also increasing the wasted space by small
files.  (winblows will probably use a much larger block size.)

Does that help?

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