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Re: XDM seem to hang until I reboot.

In article <2090112795E@adm105.adm.louisville.edu>,
Jay Barbee <jay.barbee@louisville.edu> wrote:
>What I am having problems with is a lockup or hangup from XDM.  If I 
>am running a X session, it is possible to hangup, and I cannot seem 
>to run anything.  I cannot click on an XTERM button, or even run 
>xterm if I have a free window up.  When I do run a new 'xterm &' from 
>an available window, after a certain time it tells me it cannot write 
>to the display.

It sounds to me like you're saying that the X programs which are already
running continue to run, but new ones do not start.  I've come across
a similar problem when using eXceed here; eXceed was running on PC-NFS,
which could only handle 16 network connections at a time.  When the limit
was reached, typing "xterm" in a shell window would give an error message.
NT might have a similar limit.  (I'd expect it to be much higher, though.)

Are you getting an error message when you type "xterm" (without an
"&")?  How long do you have to wait until you get the error (it might
be some minutes)?  If there's no error message, what exactly happens
when you type "xterm"?  Do you get your prompt back, or do you have to
press control-C to get a prompt?


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