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XDM seem to hang until I reboot.

Hello all,

I am running a Debian 1.3.1 install with the basics for X.  I use xdm 
to login via WinNT/Exceed v5.  I have used dftp up update all the X 
based stuff from ftp.debian.org and I use afterstep as my window 

What I am having problems with is a lockup or hangup from XDM.  If I 
am running a X session, it is possible to hangup, and I cannot seem 
to run anything.  I cannot click on an XTERM button, or even run 
xterm if I have a free window up.  When I do run a new 'xterm &' from 
an available window, after a certain time it tells me it cannot write 
to the display.

If I hit the "Restart Window Manager", nothing gets returned, but I 
can still type in the xterm that are already open; xload, xmem 
seem to update and working okay even in this state.  But nothing new 
can be opened.

After all this, if I kill the Exceed session, and reopen.  I see my 
Linux box in the chooser (with correct load), I select the server, 
but then it sits there.  No login screen will ever be returned.

I have killed XDM and restarted it.  I killed inetd and restarted it. 
but I cannot get any response out of XDM until I totally reboot the 
server.  Once it has rebooted, all is working again.  I do not run X 
on the console (Diamond Speedstar <grin>) so I am not sure if this is 
a problem with an Xserver (I use the default server (VGA or SVGA 
whatever it is)).

Any ideas?  Any thoughts?  I have since gone back and reinstalled 
some of the old DEB packages (xbase, fvwm-common, xserver, xfont) 
from the Master CD v1.3.1, but have not had much time to test it.  
It happends randomly.  It also happends to a friend of mine with a 
similar config.

Thanks for your help,
--Jay Barbee

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