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Re: dunc pppd configuration script

Hi John;
If windoz can't handle it then I can think of ONE reason for doing it that
way!  :->

You certainly could be right on the possibility of a "post-ppp" login but
I thought it was possible.

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On 9 Dec 1997 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

> Bill Leach writes:
> > One question that I have: Is it true that ALL ISPs that use chap or pap
> > authentication also do not require an initial login?  I don't personally
> > know of any exceptions but I also don't see any technical reason why it
> > would not be possible to use chap following login.
> I've never heard of it and can think of no reason anyone would do it, but I
> believe it is possible.  As long as the client has the right stuff in
> pap-secrets, it should work fine on Linux.  I doubt Windows could handle it,
> though, which makes it *very* unlikely anyone would use it.
> > The "non-login" modes are probably much more straight forward (though I
> > note that bo examples and docs did not seem to even recognize that there
> > was such a thing).
> PAP and CHAP are very simple, and rapidly becoming the most common system.
> I don't understand why they are not documented.
> > Is there any chance that there is a "non-authenticated" ppp initiation
> > followed by a login in use?
> I can't see how that would work.  What would you log in to? Once the link
> is up you are connected directly to his kernel.
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> John Hasler
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