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Re: make-kpkg - minor irritant compiling custom kernel


	There was a typo that caused the configuration to be done
 multiple times; I think in the latest version that has been
 fixed (I realize that may be little consolation to people running
 stable 1.3.1 rXXX). 

	Unfortunately, to ease the task of people who maintain a
 kernel source on the local machine and install patches to keep
 the kernel uptodate, the configuration script runs make oldconfig to
 ensure that all the dependencies are in sync.

	Until now, I was not aware of any problems created by doing
 so: and thus indeed, make-kpkg is behaving as intended.

	What we may need here is to add a target to make-kpkg: namely,
 configure. In which case, you need to do:

1. make <config|xconfig|menuconfig>
1a. make-kpkg configure
2. Edit drivers/sound/local.h and add #define DESKPROXL 
3. make-kpkg -revision Custom.X.Y kernel_image

	If you do step 1a, then make-kpkg shall not re-run the config
 again in step 3. Does this sound satisfactory? (most people skip
 steps 1a and 2, as before)

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