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make-kpkg - minor irritant compiling custom kernel


I'm trying to compile a custom kernel (2.0.31) for my machine using
make-kpkg (3.01).  I came across a minor irritant.  Here is what I do -

1. make <config|xconfig|menuconfig>

2. Edit drivers/sound/local.h and add #define DESKPROXL (my machine. 
drivers/sound/Readme.cards asks me to add this line after make config.

3. make-kpkg -revision Custom.X.Y kernel_image
	To my irritation, make-kpkg runs make config again in some kind of
automated mode.  And drivers/sound/local.h is re-created without the
#define for DESKPROXL.

Because of make-kpkg running make config again, I am unable to use
(without some emlementary hacking of the Makefile in drivers/sound/)
make-kpkg for creating custom kernels.  Is make-kpkg supposed to behave
this way?

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