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Kevin J Poorman wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone else had a Pro Audio Spectrum (16) working with
> there Debian box and more importantly if they have gotten the cd-rom to
> work with it off the cd-rom port on the card....
> I have gotten the sound to work but not the cdrom ... what I need to
> figiure out is the device name ...IE /dev/cdrom (It's not that one) ...
> Thanks.
> -Kevin, kc5vxy
> kc5vxy@REMOVETHIS.juno.com
> ><Col, 3:23>

I have not used the sound much, but I have a Chinon 545 CDROM drive
working through the SCSI port.  The 1.3.1 distribution kernel reads
it fine.  I believe the device file name is /dev/scd0.  Note, I believe
the bandwidth of the port is severly limited.  I once considered
adding another SCSI device, but decided against it.  My CD is a 2X.
I do not believe one much faster would work well.

Hope this helps.

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