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Re: questions: Non-internet connected IP Address default ???

>QUESTION: Is their a "generic" ip addressing scheme that should be used
>within this company , since it is not connected in any way to the net.
>Does it even matter? I guess I could use any address I want ...

There's an RFC on this, but I can't quote the number at the moment....
This RFC defines the use of or for internal, private

>QUESTION: I took a quick tour of their offices, and have noticed the hub
>in the closet. The brand - "David Systems", never heard of it myself...
>Will I have any problems passing TCP/IP over this hub? IP and IPX can
>exist together, cant they ??? I don't have any information on this hub
>other than it's name...

Can't help you on this.  IP & IPX do coexist without a problem and if the
hub you mention is indeed only a hub, then it won't be a problem.
However, if it's a router, then it will have to support IP as well as IPX.


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