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Re: PCMCIA modem is silent

> > My friend's Toshiba laptop has a PCMCIA modem card.  When it is
> > dialing the number, you can't hear it  - it doesn't make any sound.
> Toshiba laptops have a hotkey combination to control the audio output.
> On my 610CT it is fn/f-4.  You might want to make sure that the speaker
> hasn't been turned off in this way.  The modem monitor is, AFAIK,
> independent of the sound drivers.

But the computer makes other sounds like beeps etc.  Does this mean the
speaker can't have been turned off - or is this somehow separate?

> > Starting the Network Audio System
> >  
> > Fatal Server Error:
> > could not create audio connection block info
> Does he have the sound drivers compiled into his kernel?

I'll find out.



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