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RE: Email only users, and Bulk User Adds/Removes

On 08-Dec-97 Darren Renaud wrote:
>Is there a way to establish an email only account? Also is there a way
>to add or remove a large amount of those accounts (if they can exist)?
>I'm setting up a system for student email, and have to add or remove 40+
>accounts per semester.  I'd like to limit the accounts to POP3 only, and
>prevent those users from accessing telnet etc.

There may well be some precanned way to do this, and if so, use that, else
create a perl or shell script (if shell, don't forget to trap interrupts)
that does a chroot, cd $HOME, set appropriate PATH, put only what you want
these user to have (this will take a bit of tinkering) and run that as these
users shell in the /etc/password file (last field). e-mail if you need more
detail or run into problems. 

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