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RE: ssh and shosts file

Note:  I never really understand what I am doing with Linux, I
just try brute force...

I have solved similar problems by setting up the .shosts files to
the way they should be and logging in to the "remote" machine
(usually using my password or passphrase) and then logging back
into the "local" machine (again with a password/phrase).  After
this, it usually worked.  If this doesn't help, I am afraid that
I have no other suggestions except to find someone who actually
understands ssh.

On 07-Dec-97 James A.Treacy wrote:
>I am trying to use a .shosts file to allow password-less logins when using
>ssh. Both machines have a known_hosts file with the other machine
>in it (automatically set up by ssh). The machine I'd like to go to has
>a .shosts file which is mode 600. Yet when I use ssh to go to that machine
>it still asks for a password. This seems like it should be trivial to set
>up (I used .rhosts files many years ago and they always worked fine).
>Anybody have any ideas?
>- Jay
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