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PCMCIA modem is silent

My friend's Toshiba laptop has a PCMCIA modem card.  When it is dialing
the number, you can't hear it  - it doesn't make any sound.  I've tried
lots of things like atm1, atm2, checking for interrupt conflicts, but
nothing seems to work.  I've even tried borrowing someone else's modem
card and trying that, but still no sound.

The funny thing is that there was a time when the modem did make a sound.
That was when RedHat was installed on the laptop.  It is only since Debian
was installed that it seems not to work.

There is one thing which I wonder may be responsible.  When it boots, it
comes up with the following error message:

Starting the Network Audio System
Fatal Server Error:
could not create audio connection block info

Perhaps this is the cause?  Any ideas?



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