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Re: xntp, ntpdate, setting the local clock

On Mon, 08 Dec 1997 17:30:15 +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 07, 1997 at 08:37:33PM +0000, David Stern wrote:
> >
> > I'm using xntpd (for no good reason), have setup my ntp servers in 
> > /etc/ntp.conf, have ran ntpq to find that xntpd is working great.  
> > However, the local clock isn't being set, according to reftime in ntpq 
> > I see a note: "ntpdate will decline to set the date if an NTP server 
> > daemon (e.g., xntpd) is running on the same host." 
> > (/usr/doc/xntp3/html/ntpdate.html) That could be a problem..  :-)  
> > Should I be using ntpd (vs. xntpd), or .. ??
> Well, do you need to run the daemon, which presumably allows others
> to set their clock from your host, or do you just want to set the
> date yourself, in which case I guess you don't need the daemon?

I looked into rerunning the configuration script that is executed at 
install time, but couldn't find anything.  Perhaps that's part of the 
.deb (One day I'll get into dpkg).  Anyway, I just reinstalled xntp3 
and daemon mode seems to be the default.  However, I selected that 
ntpdate run when xntpd was started, and instantly my X-windows clock 
jumped ahead by 8 hours, and ntpq shows localtime off only off by under 
a minute, reftime shows an update, so my time is by default getting set 
when xntpd starts. Yes! :-)

> I just use netdate (client), it works great. If you want to sync
> the clock at regular intervals (could be why you think you need
> the daemon?) use a cron script.

Subtle difference between netdate and ntpdate.  I tried netdate and had 
some problems due to inability to connect to all of the servers that 
ntpdate connected to(probably a protocol thing, by why only netdate and 
not ntpdate?), and the times were off by more than 5 seconds (I'm using 
stratum 1, so this shouldn't happen; they're off by 0, 3, 24, 25, 39 s. 
in ntpq). I do like the netdate man page though, it give good examples.

So, I can automate ntpdate now, and if I can work out protocols, I can 
probably get netdate to work.  Either way I can cron it or stick it in 
my connect script.



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