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Just wondering if anyone has sucessfully compiled NNTPCACHE on a Debian
If so, how?!?!?

It is supposed to run under Linux without any problems, so I don't see that
it should be a major issue compiling it under Debian. Would anyone consider
creating a package for it if they can get it working so people like myself
can run it?

The source for NNTPCACHE can be found from ftp://suburbia.net/pub/nntpcache

For those that don't know, here is what NNTPCACHE does:

nntpcache (efficiently) executes on the localhost pretending to be
an NNRP news reading server. In fact, what it does is pass certain NNTP
commands through to real (remote and possibly local) news-servers based
on various pattern matching rules. nntpcache then takes the output from
those servers and caches & indexes it in funky ways (much specific case
magic goes into this).  The next time such information is asked for, or
other information which can be logically inferred from the previously
collated information, it is sent directly from the cache, without
consulting the remote servers.

The only other package for Debian that does anything like this is Leafnode,
which I find unsuitable. NNTPCACHE is much better program (I use to run it
on FreeBSD before making the switch to Debian), that I think would be a
valuable addition to the range of packages available for Debian, if someone
would be so kind as to get it working and create a package!

Many thanks....
Roger Dunk
Arcadia Technology
Ph/Fax: (02) 9874 8581 - http://www.at.com.au

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