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On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Roger Dunk wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone has sucessfully compiled NNTPCACHE on a Debian
> system?
> If so, how?!?!?

Sure... I have compiled NNTPCACHE on a Debian box. Just follow the steps
(there is a readme on how to install it.).

The problem really I have encountered on it is configuring the
configuration files on it.

> It is supposed to run under Linux without any problems, so I don't see that
> it should be a major issue compiling it under Debian. Would anyone consider
> creating a package for it if they can get it working so people like myself
> can run it?
> The source for NNTPCACHE can be found from ftp://suburbia.net/pub/nntpcache
> For those that don't know, here is what NNTPCACHE does:

NNTPCACHE is really a cool program. It's a proxy like squid, but instead
of proxying html, jpgs, etc., It proxies nntp newsgroups. It saves you
enormous bandwitdth just using this one. This baby can even filter spams
and connect to multiple nntpservers.

A little hitch on this one is.... For non profit organizations and
educational institutions, it's free. For commercial use, you have to pay.
Therefore, It's not exactly free. 

Anybody care to compile it as a .deb file? 


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