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Re: URGENT: installation problem

I forget where current is linked, but isn't it to unstable?

Anyway, here is my solution:

1) boot dos off a floppy with networking, and use dos fdisk.  Make a dos 
partition where you want your swap partition.

2) go to an ftp, and cd /debian/stable/disks-i386

download resc1440.bin, drv1440.bin, and base1_3.tgz, and rawrite2.exe into the 
dos/swap partition.

3) use rawrite to make rhe resc1440 disk.

4) boot & go through installation, but skip the swap at the beginning.  You 
will probably have to advance from stage to stage manually, rather than 
relying on the correcct defaults (i think it will keep trying to do the swap). 
 *DO NOT* use linux fdisk to delete this swap partition!  I didn't believe 
this warning, and had to go through a format/unformat sequence on both os's to 
fix things.  Also note that after you tell it that the drivers are on 
/dev/hda2, this directory stays mounted.  so when it asks where to find the 
base files, the answer is on the already mounted file system /instmount [i'd 
call this a bug, as it's not intuitive].

5) reboot under dos.  run fdisk to remove the partition

6) reboot under debian.  AFter entering the new root password, but before 
using dselect when it's offered, use alt-f2 to switch screens.  Login as root, 
and use fdkisk to create the swap partition.  after making it, you can use 
option t to change from type ext2 to type swap (82, iirc).  then type "swapon 
/dev/hda2" (assuming it was the second partition).

7) edit /etc/fstab to add the line 

/dev/hda2               none            swap    sw              0       0

so that your swap will be automounted in the future.

8) alt-f1 will take you back to the first screen, and you may happily choose 
which packages you want.


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