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Re: Running defrag in single user mode...

Oliver Elphick writes:
 > In 10 years of using Unix and Linux I have never had to defragment a disk.
 > This isn't a Micro$oft product...
 > Can anyone suggest why one might want to defragment a disk in Linux?

 On a related issue...

 Doesn't Unix load data on demand? i.e. when you run a program,
doesn't it just load the first page, and then each page as it is
referenced? and a similar technique for data?

 And besides, since this is a multiuser multitasking system that is
running several programs at the same time, and perhaps even
swapping.  The disk is spinning and the head is going back and forth
more or less all the time, and it is highly unlikely that the entire
data is loaded before the head is moved again. if my memory doesn't
fail :-), doesn't Unix also use a hard disk reading technique that is
far superior to M$ which enables it to read the wanted data between
two endpoints in a single run?

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