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Re: multiple X sessions problem

Let me count the reasons...
1)  If I want to do some work when someone else is already logged in via
    xdm (ie:  They don't mind the 'break' but would mind "shutting down"
    for me).

2)  If I am logged in as me and decide that I want to do a bunch of 
    "sysadm" type stuff, I will frequently establish another x session so
    that none of the 'root' tools are in my 'normal' session.

3)  Testing configuration changes made for a user is most conveniently
    done by having two sessions (I think).

4)  No doubt others have their own reasons in addition to these.
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On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Stephen Zander wrote:

> E Papantoniou wrote:
> > my problem is that I cannot run more than one X server at the same time.
> > When I am logged in as a user one and run startx on display :0.0, I do
> > Ctrl-Alt-F2, log in as a user two and type startx -- :1.0
> More importantly, why are you trying to?  There are several window managers
> that provide multiple virtual displays. Why do you want more that one
> server for the one screen & keyboard?
> Stephen
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