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Re: PPP modem connection.

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997 gustavoq@telire.eie.ucr.ac.cr wrote:

> I´ve been trying to connect ppp using XISP and after giving the ppp 
> garbage characters (and clicking on continue) it disconnects the line. I 
> think I have PPP installed correctly, but how can I be sure?
> (I do connect with the same hardware under Windows 95 without a problem)

first of all (if you haven't done this) upgrade to xisp-2.3p4.deb as it
solves a few bugs around. You can find it at
We need some more information.

1. What messages do you get in /var/log/ppp.log (add debug to
/etc/options.xisp) ?

2. Do you get a loginprompt from your isp (you have to use a script with 
win95 to login) or does your isp use pap authentification ?

3. Do you try to connect as root or as a "normal" user who is in group
dialout ?


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