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PPP and Linux

Hi there Linux users.

I have installed Linux, and think that it is really great!  There are a
couple of things that I would like to do.  Firstly, I would like to be able
to get my Linux side to answer the phone, and if the user logs in OK, create
a PPP connection so that they would be able to load a WWW browser and look
at my HTML pages.  Please could you give me more info about this.

Secondly, I have Drivespaced my computer.  I would like to be able to access
the DriveSpaced side from my Linux side.  Is this possible?

Sorry for all of the questions!  I hope that someone will be able to help...
Yours Sincerely,
Alistair Phillips
Fax/Data/Voice - (2721) 785 5265

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