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Sound.o module / Dependancies

	Hi there peoplewithsound,

ok, here we go...

Brand new fresh Debian 1.3.1 install from Infomagic 6 CD set.
Apon installation I notice the sound module isn`t available in this 
release (something to do with non-free missing?) . OK.. so..
kernel source 2.0.30 installed. 

make dep
make clean
make xconfig,
make dep (again to be sure)
chose Sound as module, SB16 (Y) and AWE patch..

now, no matter how I make the kernel, either using make zImage or
make-kpkg (then dpkg -i) the sound module dependancies aren`t set.
I`ve managed to get the sound.o into /lib/modules/.... but it won`t
install. "no dependancy information" error.



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