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Re: emacs and .Xdefaults

Kirk Hilliard wrote:
> Last week I issued a plea for help:
> > I just made a new installation of bo, and emacs no longer seems to
> > read my ~/.Xdefaults file like it used to in rex.
> And Wintermute <wntrmute@tampabay.rr.com> came to the rescue:
> > Try this..
> >
> > xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults
> That does the job!
> Since it only works for the current X session, I added it to my
> ~/.xsession file and all is fine.  Still, I did not have to do this in
> rex.  Is this change a bug or a feature?

Actually this is a feature.  You may find some helpful files in the
/etc/X11 directory that hint at this.  Particularly the one called
/etc/X11/config.  This file tells another configuration file (one that
actually sets up the default environment) whether or not to allow things
such as User Resources, User Xsession files, and the like to be included
at start time, or be ignored.  This seems to be a useless feature since
even with XDM running, a user can execute the commands necessary to
alter their environment after X has started through an XTERM.  The only
thing it might do is to enforce only a particular type of window
The config file should be changed to include the following lines:


If you are running XDM by default you will need to change to a free
virtual terminal (CNTRL-ALT-F1), and stop the XDM process by running
'/etc/init.d/xdm stop' as root, and then restart it with
'/etc/init.d/xdm start'.  Don't forget to change back to the virtual
terminal again (CNTRL-ALT-F1) and log out.

User resources will then be loaded from .Xdefaults in their home
directory, also if one exists, it will attempt to execute a users
.xsession and .xmodmap files.  The .xsession determines which commands
will set up the environment for the session, and what window manager it
should start.  The .xmodmap file will contain keymapping for that
particular session.

Hope this helps.

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