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Re: Encrypting ISO9660 images?

Richard.Dansereau@EE.UManitoba.CA writes:

> I know there has been a bit of discussion about encrypting
> filesystems under Debian.  From what I've seen, the ext2 filesystem
> can be encrypted with CFS.  But, my question is.. is there any good
> way of doing filesystem encryption for an ISO9660 image that is
> later burned to a CD-ROM?  Or if not ISO9660 some other filesystem
> that would be good for burning to a CD-ROM?

Well, cfs isn't really filesystem-dependant. You can create an
encrypted directory with cfs (cmkdir), put the data in it, make a cd
image of the encrypted directory (the raw encrypted directory, not the
mounted unencrypted version) using mkisofs (make sure to support long
file names with Rockridge extensions) and then burn the cd. The main
problem with this is that cfs appears to want all of the files in the
encrypted directory to be owned by the user that is accessing them and
it appears that cfs wants them to be r/w as well. Regardless of the
cause of the problem, the result is that the only way I have found to
make and read a cfs directory on a cd is to make all of the files
owned by root (I used the -r option of mkisofs) and then access the cd
only as root. There may be other work-arounds, but that's the first
thing that worked for me. If you try to look at the encrypted
directory on the cd as any user other than root (even when the files
are owned by that user), you get some kind of "permission denied"

I think that this problem is mentioned somewhere in the docs for cfs,
but I haven't heard about any fixes for the problem.

 Kevin Cheek <kcheek@umich.edu>
 University of Michigan, Department of Internal Medicine
 Divisions of Rheumatology and Molecular Medicine & Genetics

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