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Re: What I do now?

Dana Epp wrote:
> Ya... its one of those days, and the subject pretty well sums it up.
> I forced xlib6g over xlib6, so I could install the Gimp package. I later
> rebooted, and now I get this everytime I do a startx..
> xauth: can't load library 'libXmu.so.6'
> xinit: can't load library 'libXmu.so.6'
> Now, this does exist. Its located in /usr/X11R6/lib so I can't figure why
> it can't load. Anyone know what I should do to fix this.. or atleast
> further debug it? I don't wanna go throw xlib6 back, cuz now xv, gimp etc
> work.... where they didn't want to before.
> Any help would be much appreciated.

This can result from a few things.

1. The library is not in ld.so.conf or ld.so.cache and so the dynamic
linker doesn't know it exists.
2. Most libraries have several sym-links pointing to them.  In this
case, this symlink no longer points at a valid library.

To test solution one (as root) type 'ldconfig -v | grep libXmu'.  If it
comes up, then it IS listed in the ld.so.conf file.

Step two. Change to the directory in which the libXmu library is
supposed to reside.  Now type 'ls -l libXmu*' and check to make sure
that the sym-links that show up are indeed pointing to a valid (read
'existing') library (and not off into outer space).

If you have verified both of these things, then it may be a problem with
the versions of xinit and xauth.  They may not be able to handle the new
library version, and there may be updated versions of these programs for
use with xlib6g.  These two program would be found in the 'xbase'
package, look for that first.

Hope this helps.

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