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Re: An X problem

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Paul Rightley wrote:

> Will,
> Thanks for the information (and commiseration).  I will file a bug with the
> xfree folks.

You're quite welcome.  Two other notes:

it seemed to work ok with (the demo version of) Accel-X.  Not free,  but
an alternative.  I ran their configuration program and was able to exit 
and restart.  Don't know how much their trial copy differs from the
production run,  but it might be worth checking out.

Also,  checking out comp.os.linux.x five minutes ago,  someone reported
that he had the card working ok if he used the "Generic S3 Virge/VX"
option of the S3V server,  but that specifying "Diamond 3D 3000" crashed
his box every time.


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