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Pete Harlan wrote:
> > I notice that MIT now has a Linux build for PGP5.0
> > US version. I know that there is a PGP Debian package
> Does anyone know what's up with Phil, anyway?  How can he, of all
> people, expect anyone to trust cryptography without source?
> Sorry for the off-topic.  I hope nobody bothers to package this up for
> Debian unless source is released.  There, now it's on-topic.
> And please correct me if source for 5.0 is available...
> --
> Pete Harlan
> pete@mymenus.com

The MIT page has a copy of the signatures for the
Windows and Mac binaries, nothing for the Linux
binary. I'm sure a quick note to the maintainer
will aleviate that lack.

Unfortunately, Phil is not really involved with the
MIT distribution, nor the International version which
the German (at least) Debian site has a package for.
Now that PGP.com has been purchased by another 
company in which RSA Inc is a major player, there is
no telling how long it will be before there is no
way to trust the commercial versions at all.

Hey, isn't this exactly why we're running Linux?
I think some cooperation 'twixt Debian and MIT is
in order. If I knew anything about compiling packages,
I'd do it.


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