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lilo to prepare new hd on floppyless system

My new drive came, and i'm trying to do a fresh install, as some stuff got 
tossed in strange places a few months ago.

I've already found that base-files.deb won't install onto a raw file system, 
so I have the .tgz untarring at the moment (gee, this maxtor is louder than i 
expected).  ANd the only .tgz I could find wa sin bo, which I had to download 
4 times--though i think it was two different files.. hmm, i still get the same 
message that "no such file or directory.

anyway, the problem is going to be lilo.  I don't have a floppy (one arrives 
in a few days) from which to boot.  I need to tell it to install lilo onto 
/dev/hdc, but write that this is /dev/hda, and that it should take the image 
at /dev/hda1/vmlinuz, with a root of /dev/hdc3.

I"ve found the man page, but it's not clear as to exactly what is affected by 
changing the root--it looks like if i try to put it onto /dev/hdc, it will 
then try to boot from there, even after i move it to the  primary controller.  
ANd I only get one shot at this, or i have to wait until the new floppy 
arrives to use the system at all.


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