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Re: Mail problem - smail

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> > > Use the option "satellite system".
> > 
> > No - DON'T.  Satellite is useful if and only if all the usernames of
> > any account that will ever receive any mail are either mentioned in
> > /etc/aliases or match the usernames on your smarthost.  Among other
> > things, the satellite setup makes using fetchmail near impossible.  I
> Hmm, strange. My fetchmail doesn't know of this limitation. It happily
> gets the mails and handels them to smail and smail delivers them.
> I'll append my config to this mail.
> > IMAP or POP-capable MUAs exclusively, and don't ever want local mail to go
> > on.  However, it has the potential to set you up to send mail to system
> I have no problem to send mail between the accounts on my system.
> > accounts at your ISP about what's happeneing on your box, which with some
> > ISPs could annoy them greatly.  Use the internet host option.
> Yes, this is annoying, but it doen't happen on my box.

Well, my conclusion is that you've done something to the basic smail
satellite option - specifically, your /etc/smail/directors file has
something in it besides the smartuser director.  What you appended of your
configuration isn't enough to tell.  (It's the /etc/smail/directors file 
that controls local mail delivery)  By default, when using the satellite
option, /etc/smail/directors is set up so that smail will not deliver any
local mail.  (and this precludes using fetchmail to store mail locally)

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