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Re: Mail problem - smail

> > Use the option "satellite system".
> No - DON'T.  Satellite is useful if and only if all the usernames of
> any account that will ever receive any mail are either mentioned in
> /etc/aliases or match the usernames on your smarthost.  Among other
> things, the satellite setup makes using fetchmail near impossible.  I

Hmm, strange. My fetchmail doesn't know of this limitation. It happily
gets the mails and handels them to smail and smail delivers them.

I'll append my config to this mail.

> IMAP or POP-capable MUAs exclusively, and don't ever want local mail to go
> on.  However, it has the potential to set you up to send mail to system

I have no problem to send mail between the accounts on my system.

> accounts at your ISP about what's happeneing on your box, which with some
> ISPs could annoy them greatly.  Use the internet host option.

Yes, this is annoying, but it doen't happen on my box.

> > > from my machine, smail says in the logfiles that the hostname peter is not
> > > valid. The From: line of the mail ontains "pn@peter", and therefore smail
> > > doesn't sem to send the mail.
> > > 
> > I have also observed this behaviour if you say "internet site" in
> > smailconfig.
> >  
> Well, I just re-configured my machine's smail a few times checking this
> out, and I don't see this behavior - I'm betting that it's your smarthost
> which is rejecting the mails, and smail is reporting the reason for
> rejection in the logs.  Check to see if right before the rejection message
> there's a line that says something like "destination supports esmtp
> 8BITMIME SIZE" - if so, then smail is making the connection to your
> smarthost before the rejection message, which would seem to point the
> finger at your smarthost.

I have set up a debian server at my university a month ago (using the
"internet site" option.
The university's dnsmaster didn't set up a MX record for my host although
he said it was set up.

The fqdn is bundy.internet-treff.uni-koeln.de, and I set the visible name
to internet-treff.uni-koeln.de.

As long as the MX wasn't set up, I got a reply from the mailsystem (DNS
lookup failed for internet-treff.uni-koeln.de) if I tried to send mail
from the system. The same for mails to the system using the MX address


here is my setup. 
Local mail gets delivered without problems (check with mailx root). If
offline, mail will be queued by smail (I have a "runq" in my ip-up to send
it as soon as I connect; smail tries every 20 min. nethertheless). If
online, it will sent the mail immediatelly.

hostname --fqdn

cat /etc/smail/config

cat .fetchmailrc
poll protocol pop3 
username myname password mypasswd is martinb here
smtphost localhost  

yes, my name at my isp is not martinb.


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