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Re: Mail problem - smail

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Daniel Martin wrote:

> Well, my conclusion is that you've done something to the basic smail
> satellite option - specifically, your /etc/smail/directors file has
> something in it besides the smartuser director.  What you appended of your
> configuration isn't enough to tell.  (It's the /etc/smail/directors file 
> that controls local mail delivery)  By default, when using the satellite
> option, /etc/smail/directors is set up so that smail will not deliver any
> local mail.  (and this precludes using fetchmail to store mail locally)
You are right. I rerun smailconfig and option 3 (Satellite) was unfamiliar
to me, option 1 (Internet site) looked like the questions I have answered
during smail setup.


I am sorry for causing that much confusion. I guess in the year which
passed between now and my smailconfig, I have lost too much brain due to
the good beer you get here in germany :-)

So I hope atleast somebody found my fetchmailrc usefull. Don't forget to
check for localhost in the hostnames line in /etc/smail/config if you want
to take it as a template for your own setup.


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