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HELP: Installing Debian in a Bussines

	My father wants to make some changes in his Bussines and I am
trying to get Debian/Linux into those changes.

	I will explain myself:
He is going to change his system:

Computer: FUJITSU TITAN2600 (with 24 terminals)
O.S.: PICK O.A. v5.2
With: Terminal based menues for entering, changing, checking data on each

With a network (Debian if I can help it)

	The idea is that if I can give him a Debian/Linux based system which
fits his needs he installs it, also he wants tu use ( at least for a while) his
old programs so something like a PICK O.A. interpreter should be perfect and
also needs to port the data to the new system.

What I think he needs:

	-A PICK interpreter or so.
	-Something to convert the old data.
	-Some program to later on replace that ¿PICK interpreter?
	-Probably some way to keep both systems in parallel.

	Thanks in advence:
PS: I may be asking for too much, but I have faith in Linux and I had to try.

PS2:I am opened to any sugestion, Idea...

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